(aka JAMMES)


Who I Am

I’m analog by nature and digital by design. If there’s a new or better way to get it done, I’ll find it through willpower, natural curiosity, constant learning… or savory bribes of chocolate, bacon, and White Castle cheeseburgers.

As a fearless and imaginative integrated producer and multidisciplinary storyteller, I’ve partnered with cross-functional teams at multi-million dollar brands and startups on award-winning film, television, music, advertising, marketing, technology, and new media projects. Clients have included Robert Downey Jr.’s Random Act Funding, Sony, Lionsgate, Universal Music, Showtime, and MTV.

Being a versatile project manager and hands-on content creator has allowed me to make valuable contributions using skills like creative and technical copywriting, script writing, video/filmmaking, graphics, music, and software programming. I help teams and clients to tell amazing stories, grow their brands, streamline processes, expand capabilities, and consider unconventional angles to solve complex problems. I help them to teach, inform, empower, inspire, and entertain others.

My work has been recognized by Variety Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The American Advertising Federation, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

When I’m not helping companies pull off things that some misguided soul said couldn’t be done, I’m usually writing fiction, tinkering with synthesizers and guitars, butchering foreign languages, or scheming to get White Castle to open an L.A. location.