Genealogy Research

Genealogy Family TreeIn 2008, I found myself inspired by the genealogy work of Dr. Henry Louis Gates. Related conversations with my maternal grandmother also kept me spellbound. Each led to an journey spanning cities, counties, states, countries, and continents. Centuries and cultures, too.

Along the way, I realized that genealogy is another form of multimedia storytelling. I’m now a budding genealogist, unraveling the mysteries of family trees.


Get Help With Your Own Genealogy Research

In addition to work on my own tree, I also love “introducing” others to their long-lost ancestors. It’s given me opportunities to meet new people and engage more deeply in the digital age. Unearthing roots and solving mysteries. So far, I’ve primarily worked with African American, Caribbean, and European ancestries.

A long-term goal is to refine my skills to professional standards. I may even pursue accreditation. So, from time to time, I accept clients for pro-bono genealogy research to expand my portfolio. My research portfolio is not published online.

My specialty is African American research and methodology. Some of the unique challenges of that work has given me the ability to help families of all origins. Get in touch, if you’re interested in receiving free help with your family tree.

How I Can Help Tell Your Family’s Story

As mentioned before, genealogy is a great complement to many of my other interests. These include storytelling, history, art, language, culture, and journalistic investigation. Years of experience are especially useful when I’m working on family history projects:

  • Over 15 years of experience as a professional writer and integrated producer.
  • Many forms of non-fiction and fiction writing, including journalism and in-depth report writing.
  • Production of multimedia content, and execution of business presentations and pitches.
  • For three years, served as head of the research department at iNetNow, Inc. Extensive internet and traditional research, analysis, and reports.
  • I occasionally contribute to the genealogy community as an online indexer. I transcribe and ensure the accuracy of records. This allows more quality resources to be available to researchers around the world.

Email me to check availability for help with your family tree!