Inspired by the “Now page” movement created by Derek Sivers, here’s a quick run-down of what I’m currently up to:



  • Celebrating a District-level win of a Silver ADDY Award category, the result of work on a 360 campaign collaboration with my team at White Hat. Last month, we also took home a Silver at the local level, for the same campaign. On to the Nationals!


  • Recently finished the French tree at Duolingo and earned a progress certificate with a 5/5 score.
  • Continuing conversational French studies with various types of media and conversational partners.
  • In pre-production for new subsites. Planning a re-launch of my online store and a catalog site, to serve as homes for recent and future personal adventures in storytelling (music, novels, and short stories). Stay tuned to this website and/or my mailing list if you’d like to know when they’re ready to roll. Most music releases will be single tracks but I’m also excited to share a couple of albums I’ve been tinkering with:
  • Garagio: An album-length exploration of various forms of pop music from the early 60s through early 70s. Mid-way through production, a few years ago, I shelved the project as I began to shift my career focus more solidly towards the tech arena.  It’s now being finished up and I expect to release it in time to honor the 50th anniversary of the greatest year in recorded musical history — 1967, also known as the “Summer of Love” (also the title of an original song which set the album project in motion).
  • Electronic Africa Project: Mostly instrumental, it’s a historical “dance opera” that takes the listener on a sonic journey through the African-American experience, from 1619 to the present. Though the spine of it consists of electronic music, there are nods to the many innovative musical forms black Americans have contributed to Western music — including rock, blues, jazz, house, electro, hip hop, soul, funk, gospel, and disco. My hope is that it’ll be a thought-provoking, inspiring, empowering, and cathartic experience for listeners of all backgrounds.


Latest update: April 29, 2017