About Me

I’m a creative tech who’s always been on a mission to teach, inform, inspire, empower, transform, and entertain at the intersection of creative and technology. I do this in two ways: One is listening to people’s needs, strengths, and passions, and then playing matchmaker to find ideal custom solutions and opportunities for them. The other is combining diverse creative and technical skills as well as other interests in order to come up with new ways of thinking and solving complex problems.

I’m a Columbus native who spent many years in Los Angeles collaborating with major and independent entertainment and tech brands — extending the capabilities of cross-functional teams on award-winning projects. Having recently earned a CompTIA A+ certification, I plan to continue merging my IT support, software development, and creative development skills to carve out a path within the interactive media sector.

Jammes Luckett

For more than 20 years, Los Angeles is where the majority of my body of work was cultivated after college. I’ve also sprinkled my colorful blend of enthusiasm, passion, empathy, and unconventional thinking across cities such as my native Columbus and also Austin, NYC, and Montreal.

My rich multidisciplinary background primarily spans collaborations with major and independent entertainment and technology brands. I’ve mainly helped others to tell impactful stories and connect more deeply with people. I’ve helped them to explore new concepts and ways of solving complex problems, to revamp and streamline processes, to improve communications and strengthen relationships with clients, audiences, and teams.

I’ve also created loads of content in the process — creative and technical writing, music, audio, video, animation, graphics, websites, and apps. Sometimes, all of this critical thinking also gives way the physical: as a CompTIA A+ certified IT technician, I also troubleshoot and repair things that inevitably get broken along the journey to realizing the big picture.

How did things work out this way? Because I’ve always been particularly excited about technology as framework for art and art as a framework for technology. Genuinely viewing them as similar platforms has empowered me to see natural and common links between concepts that seem completely unrelated to others. The result isn’t just out-of-the-box thinking. It’s “I never saw a box, in the first place” thinking. I work best in cross-functional environments that encourage and support continued learning and growth.

Under tight deadlines and resource constraints, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and immersed myself in award-wining collaborations involving both traditional and digital media. Clients have included Philips, Sony, Universal Music Group, Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Experience, MTV, Lionsgate, Samsung, and Volkswagen. Publications featuring my work have included the Top 40 Restaurant Guide series, Lip Service Magazine, Sunrise on Sunset Magazine, and a co-authored article in the Austin American-Statesman.