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I scored my first short film (a sci-fi flick) as a student at USC. I had no formal training but had been in a number of rock bands. One of the filmmakers was my roommate, who heard me listening to countless soundtracks. There I was, barely out of my teens, on a soundstage with a small orchestra and hand-scribbled notation. And nervous as hell.

A few years later, I scored my first feature — a film called May (Lions Gate) which would go on to become a favorite of audiences and critics around the world. Credits since include work on The Woods (Sony/MGM/UA), Masters of Horror (Showtime), and ABCs of Death (Magnet/Magnolia). I’ve sometimes also served as a music supervisor, sound designer, music editor, and in other roles.

My soundtrack work has allowed me to work in multiple genres including orchestral, choral, electronic, jazz, pop, and rock. Similarly, I’ve been able to contribute original songs spanning a number of genres.


Jammes (pronounced "Jom") has been a multimedia producer for more than 15 years. Her writing, music and integrated production work has spanned both traditional and digital media. It includes award-winning collaborations with brands such as Sony, Lionsgate, MTV, Showtime, and FX. She is currently based in Los Angeles.