I’m Jammes Luckett (pronounced JOM), an award-winning writer, film/TV composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. I have also sometimes done music supervision, sound design, and music editing among other roles.

My first feature film was May (Lions Gate) which would go on to become a favorite of audiences and critics around the world. Other credits include The Woods (Sony/MGM/UA), Masters of Horror (Showtime), ABCs of Death (Magnet/Magnolia), and ad campaign soundtracks for Random Act Funding (a non-profit owned by Susan and Robert Downey, Jr.). I’ve additionally placed songs in numerous other soundtracks including the hit Courteney Cox vehicle Dirt (FX), Nick Lachey’s Taking The Stage (MTV), and the Whitney Cummings-produced Live Nude Comedy (Showtime).

My soundtrack work has consisted of both scores and original songs, allowing me to work in multiple genres including orchestral, choral, electronic, jazz, pop, and rock.


Jammes (pronounced "Jom") has been a multimedia producer for more than 15 years. Her writing, music and integrated production work has spanned both traditional and digital media. It includes award-winning collaborations with brands such as Sony, Lionsgate, MTV, Showtime, and FX. She is currently based in Los Angeles.