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I’m a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in catchy melodies and harmonies that burrow deep into the listener’s brain. I’m based in Los Angeles, California.

My music spans a wide range of genres and styles but I’m primarily known for electronic, rock, orchestral, jazz, and classic pop. Over the course of my career, I’ve recorded albums, composed scores and written original songs for film and television. Occasionally, I’ve also written jingles and theme songs.

Because I’ve worked in so many genres, I’ve frequently worked under various project names such as Alien Tempo Experiment 13, Poperratic, and Merkcurie. I released over 80 cassette recordings during the 1990s and early 2000s. I also was selected for a headlining slot for the Los Angeles leg of the International Pop Overthrow music festival.

In 1998, A.J. Lambert (Sleepington, Nancy Sinatra) released my first vinyl E.P. through her Glimmerfed Records imprint. It was co-produced by Don Fleming (Sonic Youth, Shonen Knife) and received full rotation on influential station KXLU.

My original songs have appeared in major and independent films and television shows. A few other artists have covered my music for soundtracks.

I’ve recently finished my newest album, “Garagio” — an eclectic tribute to the popular music of the 1960s and 1970s.

* all demos are encoded in low 128k resolution. Higher resolution available upon request.


  1. Amazing Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 2:11
  2. Fais Do Do Jammes Luckett (Co-Writer - Music and Lyrics) 2:56
  3. Caredevil (Do 'The Vine') Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 2:11
  4. Big Sur (At the Edge of the World) Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 5:13
  5. Black Lotus Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 3:38


  1. Short Circuit: Jackassets Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 4:26
  2. Jack Tripper Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 2:24
  3. Prowler (Acoustic Bass Version) Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 3:32
  4. Hide and Seek Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 4:40


  1. Android In Love Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 4:04
  2. Control Jammes Luckett (Co-Writer - Music and Lyrics) 2:05
  3. Southpaw Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 1:25
  4. Switched On (Bride of Pin-bot) Jammes Luckett (Songwriter) 1:59

Jammes (pronounced "Jom") has been a multimedia producer for more than 15 years. Her writing, music and integrated production work has spanned both traditional and digital media. It includes award-winning collaborations with brands such as Sony, Lionsgate, MTV, Showtime, and FX. She is currently based in Los Angeles.