*having just relaunched the website, stay tuned for a more structured and informative bio. Meanwhile, you can check out writing samples via the Stories section of my Art Mechanix website.

From probably around the time I could first hold a pencil, I knew that I needed to tell stories.

It wouldn’t be long before my storytelling took multiple forms — particularly through short stories, music, and theatre. As the years progressed, I’d come to work with longer forms such as screenplays and animation but the meat of my work has largely gone unchanged.

Often falling into contemporary fantasy and satire, my writing largely deals forging meaning from the inherent absurdities that fuel much of human behavior. Searching for light in darkness. Attempts to simplify the complex. The audacity to replace inequity with opportunity.

In fiction, I’ve primarily made contributions to published works as a ghostwriter and consultant. There have been books, short stories, and film scripts that your hip niece has seen or heard of, a number of things no one in your family is familiar with, and plenty more things that my name isn’t on.

Non-fiction work happens to be where viable opportunities came more regularly. My writing-related roles spanned journalism, marketing, advertising, and technology. Occasionally won solo and team awards too, including from the Music Business Association and the American Advertising Federation.

I’m a former staff writer for two magazines: Lip Service and also Sunrise on Sunset. I also contributed to a music-themed Zagat-style culinary series called “Top 40 Restaurant Guides” and to a co-authored article published in the Austin American-Statesman.

Jammes (pronounced "Jom") has been a multimedia producer for more than 15 years. Her writing, music and integrated production work has spanned both traditional and digital media. It includes award-winning collaborations with brands such as Sony, Lionsgate, MTV, Showtime, and FX. She is currently based in Los Angeles.